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21 Januari 2019
Pabrik Produsen Jual Cuka Apel Naturaku Asli Alami Murni Grosir Murah Berkualitas
Kami adalah Produsen Cuka Apel Naturaku, Cuka Apel yang Asli, Murni dan Alami yang dibuat dari bahan-bahan buah Apel pilihan kualitas terbaik, dan dibuat dengan proses fermentasi yang lama dan matang dengan biang cuka MOTHER. detail

10 Januari 2019
Jual Produksi Cuka Apel Cider Vinegar Asli Alami Murni Harga Grosir Murah Berkualitas
Cuka Apel atau Apple Cider Vinegar merupakan hasil fermentasi alami Buah Apel yang berlangsung dalam waktu tertentu dan mempunyai banyak manfaat bagi tubuh Manusia. detail

14 November 2018
Ground Vanilla Bean Powder Producer Manufacturer Exporter Supplier Seller Wholesale And Cheap Price
Pure Ground Vanilla is a very fragrant product that can be used for color, texture, and flavor. Ground vanilla beans are very easy to use. You need just a small amount to add excellent vanilla flavor. detail

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We are produce supply sell manufacture export bulk indonesian nickel pig iron miner seller producer exporter wholeseller supplier. Nickel is the 5th most common element on earth. It is a naturally occurring element that exists mainly in the form of sulphide, oxide, and silicate minerals. Nickel is an extremely important commercial element, playing a key role in global industrial development and outpacing almost all other industrial metals. 

The factors which make nickel and its alloys valuable commodities include strength, corrosion resistance, high ductility, good thermal and electric conductivity, magnetic characteristics and catalytic properties.

Nickel pig iron (NPI) is a low grade ferronickel as a cheaper alternative to pure nickel for the production of stainless steel. The production process of nickel pig iron utilizes laterite nickel ores instead of pure nickel sold on the world market. 

Nickel pig iron is made of low-grade nickel ore, coking coal, and a mixture of gravel and sand as an aggregate. This mixture is heated in either a blast furnace or an electric arc furnace depending on the desired grade. Impurities are then removed via smelting and sintering processes and the resulting nickel pig iron contains four to 13 percent pure nickel.

We produce supply sell manufacture export bulk indonesian nickel pig iron miner seller producer exporter wholeseller supplier. Our product of Indonesian Nickel Pig Iron have Nickel (Ni) content about 5%-14%. 

Nickel pig iron is a cheap alternative to pure nickel, used in the production of stainless steel. It’s made in an energy-intensive way, using blast and electric furnaces, and low-grade laterite nickel ores, mainly from the Philippines and Indonesia.

One of the reasons why nickel pig iron is cheaper than pure nickel is because it makes use of low-grade nickel laterite ore. This is mostly found in tropical regions with frequent rainfall and warm climates. Nickel laterite also contains only one to two percent nickel content, making it traditionally unsuitable for nickel production.

If you are need this Indonesian Nickel Pig Iron, just contact us to get details information, as the produce supply sell manufacture export bulk indonesian nickel pig iron miner seller producer exporter wholeseller supplier we are ready to give best offering for you.

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