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22 September 2017
Vanilla market update - August 2017
The expected increase in vanilla production from other origins has not yet materialized and it is unlikely we will see a significant impact before 2018. detail

7 Agustus 2017
Indonesian Pure Vanilla Ground Powder Producer Manufacturer Supplier Exporter
Another type or our Vanilla Product is Pure Vanilla Ground Powder which made from top quality dried indonesian vanilla beans, both of Flanifolia and Tahitians. detail

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Naturoca are wholesale producer supply export sell bulk indonesian flanifolia tahitians vanilla bean pod seller exporter supplier producer wholesaler. We ready to export and supply this exotic spices with best quality and very competitive price to ship worldwide. Vanilla beans is widely used in the production of chocolates, cookies, bakery products, ice creams, perfumes, agarbathies, drugs, chewing gum and milk. It is also widely employed in many perfumes where its strong pleasant aroma is greatly appreciated. Organically grown vanilla species flanifolia and taihitians in Indonesia area.Top quality black vanilla beans of the world, famous for it’s high vanillin content as well as high moisture. Having a dark brown to black oily luster surface.
We are Naturoca as wholesale producer supply export sell bulk indonesian flanifolia tahitians vanilla bean pod seller exporter supplier producer wholesaler are ready ship this exotic spices worldwide. The specifications of our Vanilla Beans are :

  • Product Grade: A
  • Type : Flanifolia and Tahitians
  • Vanillin: 1,6 - 2,4%
  • Moisture: 25-35%
  • Length: 14 cm Up
  • Vanillin Content: 1.9-2%
  • Color: Brown, Dark Brown or Black
  • Fragrance: Strong full rich Vanilla aroma
  • Appearance : soft, fragrant,flexible vanilla beans

Vanilla bean, also known as Vanilla beans, commonly known as Vanilla, Vanilla Bean or transliteration of English names for the Vatican Kneeland, Fan Yun to take and so on, is a valuable natural plant spices. 16th century before been used in perfume to drinks, until now still is the only spice used in orchid plants, with spice queen in the world. Also tied with the saffron, known as the world's most expensive spice one. It used to be exclusively owned by the royal honor, and the price of gold equivalent. And its precious by scientific experiments, with more than 250 aromatic components and 17 essential amino acids, with a strong kidney, appetizers, in addition to swelling, spleen and other medical effects of beauty is a natural tonic medicine. Indonesia are one of the producer of vanilla bean in the world, is the recognized world producing the best quality vanilla beans, sweet taste with a point of steady milk flavor, is the desserts, whether it is the most basic vanilla cake or French Su Fulei most Good raw materials. So if you are need this kind of exotice spices, just contact us to get the details information and offering, we are wholesale producer supply export sell bulk indonesian flanifolia tahitians vanilla bean pod seller exporter supplier producer wholesaler ready to give best quality and very competitive price of Vanilla Beans.

Whats we offer?

  • Grade A (Gourmet) quality of Vanilla Bean/Vanilla Pod
  • Stock are always available
  • Ready to serve you anytime, you can contact us via email, phone, whatsapp or you can come to our office
  • Attractive transaction term, if possible you can come to our office, sellect the pods by your self, scale it and pay it
  • Ready to ship worldwide, free shipping worldwide by ems international for loyal customer which has been a customer for more than 5 months with purchase of more than 20 kg
  • Serving retail or wholesale purchases
  • Ready to provide all product documents

If you need more information about Vanilla Bean / Vanilla Pods, dont be hesitate to contact us, you can ask anything, we will be happy to help you.