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21 Januari 2019
Pabrik Produsen Jual Cuka Apel Naturaku Asli Alami Murni Grosir Murah Berkualitas
Kami adalah Produsen Cuka Apel Naturaku, Cuka Apel yang Asli, Murni dan Alami yang dibuat dari bahan-bahan buah Apel pilihan kualitas terbaik, dan dibuat dengan proses fermentasi yang lama dan matang dengan biang cuka MOTHER. detail

10 Januari 2019
Jual Produksi Cuka Apel Cider Vinegar Asli Alami Murni Harga Grosir Murah Berkualitas
Cuka Apel atau Apple Cider Vinegar merupakan hasil fermentasi alami Buah Apel yang berlangsung dalam waktu tertentu dan mempunyai banyak manfaat bagi tubuh Manusia. detail

14 November 2018
Ground Vanilla Bean Powder Producer Manufacturer Exporter Supplier Seller Wholesale And Cheap Price
Pure Ground Vanilla is a very fragrant product that can be used for color, texture, and flavor. Ground vanilla beans are very easy to use. You need just a small amount to add excellent vanilla flavor. detail

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We are indonesian tar batu bara coal tar producer manufacturer seller exporter that ready to provide tar batu bara coal tar with bulk quantity. Coal Tar is a kind of black sticky liquid, and getting from carbon which is being destructive distillation through Cutting-off air and enhancing thermal, meantime. Through high temperature carbonization can get high temperature coal tar, on the contrary, it can get low temperature coal tar by low temperature carbonization. 

Coal tar comes from bituminous coal used in the distillation process. It is a volatile substance, important for its organic chemical constituents (coal-tar crudes), which are extracted by further distillation. These include xylene, toluene, naphthalene and phenanthrene, and are the basic ingredients for the synthesis of many products, such as explosives, drugs, dyes and perfumes.

Coal tar has special distinctive odour. Its relative density is 1.18~1.23 and the open flash point is at 200°C, and slightly dissolvie in water and Soluble in organic solvent, such as benzene,alcohol, aether, chloroform, acetone etc... Its fume and air can become explosion mixture , meanwhile, if meeting clear fire, high hot that will have a combustion explosion danger , reacting violently with oxidizer.

We are indonesian tar batu bara coal tar producer manufacturer seller exporter. Our Coal Tar product specifiaction are state below :

  • Toluene Insoluble Matter : 9.0% Max
  • Moisture : 4.0% Max
  • Naphtalene Content : 7% Max
  • Ash Content : 0.13% Max
  • Density at 20 Degree : 1.22 g/cm3

Coal tar paste, also known as coal, coal fractions of oil, coal tar solution. Is one of the coal coking process in black or dark brown sticky liquid, specific gravity greater than water, soluble and special odor, flammable and corrosive, coal tar is generated from coal pyrolysis gas in the coking industry, one of its production accounted for about 3% ~ 4% of the coal furnace charging its products under atmospheric pressure in black sticky liquid. Coal tar, coal chemical industry is the main raw material, its composition is up to tens of thousands of species, mainly containing benzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene, anthracene, such as aromatic hydrocarbon, and aromatic oxygen-containing compounds (such as phenol phenolic compounds, heterocyclic compounds containing nitrogen, sulfur and so on many kinds of organic matter, can adopt the method of distilling coal tar split into different boiling range of fraction. Coal tar is the production of plastics, synthetic fiber, dye, rubber, medicine, high temperature resistant materials and other important raw materials, can be used in the synthesis of pesticides, saccharin, dyes, drugs, explosives, and other industrial products.

Coal Tar can be used for :

  • naphthalene: used for preparing phthalic anhydride, for the production of resin, engineering plastics, dyes, paint and medicine, etc.
  • phenol, phenol and its homologue production of synthetic fibers, engineering plastics, pesticides, medicine, fuel intermediates, explosive and so on.
  • anthracene: anthraquinone fuel, synthetic rubbing agent, and paint.
  • anthracene isomers, content after naphthalene, has many USES, because of the large production, it needs further development and utilization.
  • carbazole: dye, the important raw materials in plastics and pesticides.
  • asphalt, tar distillation residual liquid, as a mixture of polycyclic polymer compounds. For making the roof coatings, moistureproof layer and building roads, asphalt production coke and electric furnace electrode, etc.

If you are need Coal Tar in bulk quantity, just contact us for details information, as an indonesian tar batu bara coal tar producer manufacturer seller exporter, we are ready to help you

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